Mom Illustrates How A 2-Year-Old Can Hurt You And It’s Too Painful

All of us, parents or not, know that having a child has his upsides and downsides. From listening to their first word to changing diapers, raising a child is a hell of a roller coaster that leaves the parents exhausted at the end of each day. Weng Chen, the genius of Seattle behind the comics of “The Adventures of Messy Cow” has rewarded us with another series, this time focusing on the many “dangers” that parents often have to face while raising a child.

“I did a lot of comics when I was younger, but I stopped for a long time. A side effect of having children is that it gives you the true sense of mortality. When my second child was two years old, I had the impulse to start again from the beginning because, if I had not done it, I would never have been able to realize my dream. While talking about what inspired her to start creating.” Her latest series “How a two-year-old can hurt you” explores the various ways in which a child can hurt parents in a light and comic way. “It was fun and meaningful to document the growth of my children, as well as mine. Parents all over the world told me that this is just like their life experience. I am glad to know that I was not alone in this situation, and so do other people who read my comics.”

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