Relationship Advice: The 50 Things You Need To Do For A Relationship To Last

Relationships are difficult. Marriage is difficult. And it’s certainly not for everyone. As a lawyer, I had to deal with some divorces. Fortunately, there is such an alternative for people trapped in extreme circumstances. But if you want to be sick and healthy, richer and poorer – and even if you just met the person with whom you want to be in a long love affair – bring a brief memory, as well as a long sense of ‘humor. You will need it. Keep reading for the best advice on relationships and see how you can maintain a relationship.

1. Burn your design.

Get rid of all your fantasies about the happiness of coupled life. They do not help. There is no script, so do not be disappointed if your fairy tale is kidnapped.

2. Forgive.

Did not Jesus speak of forgiving someone, not just seven, but seventy times seven? It would be 490 times … that should last in the first 6 months. Jesus underestimated him because he was not married.

3. And forget about that.

If you forgive but do not forget, have you really forgiven? I know people who claim to have forgiven, but still use every opportunity to present it. And if you do not want to forgive, forget about it works just as well.

4. Be a good teammate.

Life can be hard for you. One of the good things about marriage and relationships is having someone in the bunker shot at you.

5. Grow up.

If you still have the same desires, opinions and beliefs at age 50 that you are 25 years old, it’s your fault. You will not be and should not be the same person you were then.

6. And adapt.

Even if you stagnate, the person you interact with will change. Do not fight him. Kiss him, learn him, be grateful.

7. Find your faith.

It is very comforting to believe in something or someone who transcends our raw human existence. Explore this belief. Take this trip together.

8. Travel together.

Travelers unite in an unpredictable way. It will also expand your world view and value of your relationship.

9. Travel separately.

You want to go somewhere different? Cool. Take a lot of pictures. See you in a week.

10. Develop your own interests.

It does not seem intuitive, but you will improve your relationship if you pursue your own interests.

11. Maintain a wide and diverse circle of friends.

One of the greatest pleasures of life is meeting new people. And many people you meet will probably appreciate you even more.

12. Do not hold points.

I know a couple who follow the number of daily tasks of each partner. Do not do that. It’s exhausting. And childish.

13th exercise.

They owe each other the best possible physical health. The mental side effects of exercise will also be beneficial.

14. Practice self-esteem.

Look regularly in the mirror. Think about who you are and what contributions you make to your relationship. Do you judge yourself? Unfair? Harsch? Supercritical? Defensive?

15. Admit that you are wrong (sometimes even if you are not).

This is the simplest and most difficult task on this list. But this simple gesture will bring immeasurable dividends; This will help you grow and it’s just the thing to do.

16. Celebrate big and small achievements.

Whether it is a promotion at work or a police officer who warns you, you will find every opportunity to make a fortune.

17. Surprise yourself.

Fill your car. Let him sleep in bed from time to time. Buy bacon.

18. These are the good little things.

Hold the door and suggest a movie night, be careful. The reward for this is greater than the sum of the parts.

19. And these are the bad little things.

Knuck ankle, spit, scrape your throat, clean your nose, chew ice. These are deaths of a thousand cuts in your relationship.

20. Cultivate your finest qualities.

When do you have the opportunity to really work on qualities that make you a better person? In a strong relationship, you can do it every day. Qualities such as patience, loyalty, compassion, trust.

21. The bathroom is private.

If you think it is strange to brush your teeth when using the toilet, you will change your mind at some point. Believe me

22. Talk about sex (but not just before, during, or soon after).

Sex is an important part of every relationship. But for some reason, couples do not want to discuss it unless they are passionate. Do not make sex a taboo topic.

23. Encourage each other.

We all have uncertainties. Your relationship is a place where you should be completely free to reveal it and your spouse should help you to overcome it.

24. It’s good to have secrets.

Even George Bailey had Violet Bick throw in $ 20 from time to time.

25. Avoid the subtext.

It’s a cowardly way to communicate. If you have something to say, say so. Do not let him guess.

26. Put it down.

The toilet seat. His mobile. The rhythm.

27. Pick it up.

Your dirty sock. Your used fabric. The rhythm.

28. Do not overdo past (or future) relationships.

You are not so great and your ex is not so exciting.

29. Never use the word “s”.

Do not call yourself “stupid”. It’s just … not wise.

30. Suggest solutions, not criticisms.

Everyone can criticize. A good teammate (see rule 4) offers a way out.

31. Reading.

Escape or grow. Anyway, it helps.

32. They are the same.

It does not matter who makes the most money from you. It does not matter who owns the best REO Speedwagon vinyl collection. It does not matter which of you has the best nickname. No matter who has the coldest food allergy.

33. Compliment yourself.

Sincerely and often

34. Respect the other’s friends.

You know that Cathy, your wife’s crazy girlfriend, has a strong mouth and thinks you have a weak nonsense and you can not believe that you have married her best friend? See below.

35. Knows when to shut up.

No list would be complete without the lesson “Do these jeans make my butt big?

36. Treat each other’s passions.

Scrapbooking does not count.

37. Lose your arbitrary moral code.

This list alone proves that I am the king of double standards. If I want to spend money on a new set of golf clubs, that’s a good investment. If my wife wants to spend money on new kitchen counters, she is stupid. It is not exactly right.

38. Respects space and time.

Did not we develop as a species or adequately by Dr. med. Phil observes to understand that our companion asked the question, “How was your day?” Do not want to answer. The moment he enters the door?

39. Be proud of your appearance.

Your marriage certificate will not give you a free ticket to always wear sweatpants and a T-shirt.

40. Maintain good hygiene.

Could your big nail pierce a snow tire? Can your breath take off wallpaper? Please be careful. I do not want to have to tell you this anymore.

41. Ask before you throw it away.

Do not touch this glass tequila cactus glass holder, ceramic and broken. I’m serious.

42. Invite the family to special gatherings.

At least one time. Fortunately, that’s all you need.

43. Speaking of family, everyone receives a greeting card and a birth announcement.

Even your scary uncle Steve and her psycho-cousin Lisa.

44. Do not be petty.

So I forgot to get your prescription. Did you have to throw my cactus ceramic glass holder?

45. Be autonomous.

Learn how to do your own laundry. Knowing how to cook a meal, how to navigate in the grocery store; how to buy online; how to cut water at home; How do I create a Nerf basketball hoop? how to release a toilet.

46. ​​Everything is nice game for a joke.

This should be the core of everything you do. I did not find a single thing that I could not laugh about. If you know it from the beginning, it’s more fun.

47. Have good manners.

Do not scream. Open the door. Help with shopping. Cover your cough. Hold your gas.

48. Be responsible with money.

Nobody lives with love. You need money. If you deserve it, you will certainly respect it. If you do not win it, you have to respect it even more.

49. Do not forget to say thank you.

Even and especially when things do not seem to be recognized.

50. Adjust beats by giving up.

There will be times when you want to stop, go out, give up. You can do it. But you probably will, without appreciating the new life that awaits you. Will you be better in six months? ten years?

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